Rustic Log Cabin Dream Home on Whopping 16 Acres is a MUST See

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This rustic log cabin dream home sits on a whopping 16-acre parcel of land. This Must See as it is just charming! Even if you are no tin the market for a new home and you have a past-time of looking at great photos of homes, you will enjoy the gallery of pictures. When you get to have over 16 acres of your own land that gives you opportunities to build a pretty nice life-style with your family and friends.

Do you already love gardening or has this always been a dream of yours. Growing your own veggies and berries is very rewarding, and this property has an already established vegetable garden. Do you love to go for hikes? There are wooden trails all around you. Not only that, there is a workshop and a barn for livestock. This place has all the makings of 'homesteading' to whatever degree a person would like to do. Ther is even a field in progress. With so many options, if Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is the area you are looking to settle, you may just want to check this place out.

The house is 3282 sq.ft with 2082 sq.ft. on the main level and 1200 sq.ft. on the lower lever. This is a three to five bedroom with 2 1/2 baths layout so there is lots of room for a small family. The house has a nice porch where you can sit and enjoy meals and family music nights. The kitchen features a replica antique wood burning/electric stove. There is so much to love about this custom log home.

To see some great photographs on this property and to see many other wonderful homes and properties, please just click on the link below that will take you to the Log Homes website. Here you will find a fantastic directory of homes, builders, mills, models&plans, shell, kits &packages.

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