17 Tiny Houses That Will Make You Swoon

The tiny house movement marches on! And always with more originality, style, and class than ever before. Who was it that said God is in the details? Well, if this statement’s true, then these 17 tiny houses will not only make you swoon, they’ll make you think you’ve died and gone to Heaven!

Take number one, for instance – simple, stylish, and a wraparound deck too! Oh what wonder to have the wide open outdoors as your back yard. We love the built-in sitting bench on the side of the house, not to mention the large windows and unique roof.

Then there’s number two with the rustic log roof! This little beauty’s made from straight, uncut logs – all uniform in size but each one still retaining its uniqueness – giving it a really artistic feel.

And what about number three? We even get a few shots of the interior – wow! The many windows give it so much light. We just want to curl up on that lovely little couch on the end, with the windows above it. So warm, so cozy, so bright!

Let’s zoom along to number 13 – what a masterpiece this one is, with its invitingly warm-coloured stained-glass entrance area! We wonder what it looks like from the inside out on a sunny day? Pretty gorgeous, we’d expect! And this little baby’s fully loaded and off-grid-ready, with solar panel electricity, a rainwater system for the kitchen and bathroom, and composting for waste.

And how about number 14, with its ultra-organized shelving? If you’ve got stuff, we’ve got a place for it in this efficient little space-manager!

And these are just a wee few to whet your appetite – there are many more to come! For more of the 17 Tiny Houses That Will Make You Swoon, please visit the Pioneer Settler website below!

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