175 Year Old Cabin a Testament to Log Cabin Craft with Must-SEE Interior

The 17-by-26-foot cabin sits on 8 acres of property that also includes a main house and a separate two-car garage. The home’s previous owner had purchased the cabin in Indiana and relocated it to the property in the mid-1970s. “All the bones were good, but it was dirty and in disrepair and needed a good roof,” Jan Paul says. “The previous owner never actually lived in the cabin.”

Restoring the cabin to the life it might have had in the 1800s “took about three months and was a labor of love,” says Jan Paul, a registered architect and distributor for Hearthstone, a supplier of log and timber homes. He and Tammy pulled the ivy from the exterior, put on a new shake roof, installed a new water line, HVAC system and heat pump. Inside, they cleaned the floors and ceiling (both poplar) and tore down wallpaper. They painted some walls to lighten up dark spaces.

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