2 Acres of Paradise and a Cute Tiny Cabin For $65k

There are so many different types of tiny homes to choose from, whether it be a cob cottage, a strawbale house, a beach shack, shipping container home or a gypsy caravan, there's something to suit just about anyone. If you like tiny houses you will want to take a look at this "Cute Tiny Cabin For Sale."

This tiny cabin for sale sits at the foot of Mount Rainier in Ashford, Washington. It has 224 square feet of living space, but the open floor plan makes it appear much larger. The tiny cabin is for sale at $65,000. Everything about this tiny cabin is cute, from the gabled roof, to the sidewall shingle exterior, to the sage-green trim, and right down to the screen door, this small cabin in the woods is a bit of cute overload. Inside there is wall to wall wood planks that add to the rustic charm. Out back there is a storage shed included with the purchase. A large porch wraps around the cabin and there are decks in the front and back of this tiny home, which really opens the tiny house up to the great views. This tiny cabin is situated on a 1.9 acre lot, less than a two hour drive from Seattle. The property also backs up to Nisqually River making it just a short walk to some great fishing spots.

The small house movement also known as the tiny house movement, is a famous description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. In the United States the average size of new single family homes grew from 1,780 square feet in 1978 to 2,479 square feet in 2007, and to 2,662 square feet in 2013, despite a decrease in the actual size of the average family. Reasons for this include increased material wealth and prestige. The tiny house movement is a return to houses of less than 1,000 square feet. Frequently the distinction is made between small between 400 square feet and 1,000 square feet, and tiny houses that are less than 400 square feet, with some houses as small as 80 square feet. Downsizing to a tiny house is a great way to do away with large mortgages, hydro bills and all the stuff that goes into a large house, and a way to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Some of the different types of tiny houses you will find include micro living, teardrop campers, bicycles, sheds, tree houses, car camping, pod homes, van dwelling, gypsy vardo caravan, backyard offices; small living, small houses, apartments, cottages, park models, house boats, yurts, strawbale homes, house boats, lob cabins, log cottages, cob cottages, gingerbread houses, beach shacks, dome home; tiny living, tiny houses, cabins, tiny house interiors, solar powered homes, off grid homes, wind powered homes, tiny houses on wheels, house trucks, buses, RVs, travel trailers, cargo trailers, no loft tiny houses, tiny house vacations and so much more.

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