9 Projects Anyone Can Copy in Just 5 Minutes!

If you only have a few minutes to spare, you are sure to love these easy do it yourself crafts that are perfect for beginners. These do it yourself crafts are excellent ways to recycle and repurpose some of those things you have around the house. You will want to take a look at the Hometalk site for the full list of nine projects that anyone can copy. You'll have fun, and you'll get the chance to show off your talents. The following are just a few of the diy ideas and projects to do you'll find on the site.

1. DIY idea for lanterns made from photo frames. This project to do is inexpensive, yet looks nice and can be used for any season throughout the year, or just to have as part of your home decor. What's better about this do it yourself craft is that you are recycling or turning something as simple as Dollar Tree frames into lovely lanterns. For this DIY idea, you will need photo frames with removable backs; you will need four for each lantern, some spray paint, a glue gun and sticks and some foam board. Some fo the optional supplies you might choose to use include nails (upholstery nails), jute rope, knobs, chop saw, fine grit sandpaper, danish oil, a rag, box cutter/X-Acto knife, one by six common board. To start, you will need to prep and paint the photo frames. You'll want to remove the backing and the glass of all of the photo frames. You can use an old butterknife. For the full diy idea you will want to take a look on the Hometalk site.

2. Do it yourself craft for a soap, jewelry or toiletry stand. This diy idea is so fun and the perfect solution to your needs that cost less than five dollars to make. You are sure to love this home decor project, and you will no longer have soap scum on your countertop. This cute little soap stand, jewelry stand or toiletry stand is easy to make and re-create. For this do it yourself craft you will need a glass stick candle holder, a glass saucer that you want to make sure you get a saucer or plate that will be a good for your candle holder, some E6000 adhesive, Rustoleum Painter's Touch Satin Wildflower Blue. For this DIY idea project to do, it only cost $2 as the creator had most of the craft materials on hand, you can also choose to use materials and recycle materials you already have.

3. A do it yourself craft for a rubber door mat wall decor that takes only 30 minutes. If you are looking for a statement piece for your home decor, but you don't want to spend too much money, this is the project to do for you. For this DIY idea, you will need a rubber mat, some Rustoleum spray paint, and some fine grit sandpaper. To start, you will need to spray the mat. You want to spray the mat using long, quick bursts. Make sure to do one even coat on both the front and the sides of the floor mat, you want to make sure and not bother with the back if you are hanging this on the wall. Then let the mat dry completely. You will find these do it yourself crafts anyone can do on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find do it yourself crafts, projects to do, DIY ideas, woodworking, home decor, gardening, green living, seasonal decor, organizing and so much more. **

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