Artistic, Creative, Inspired Ms. Gypsy Souls Tiny House Is Just Downright Gorgeous

Tiny houses and small houses are popping up all over the world, often evoking a feeling of comfort and security that larger houses sometimes lack. This "Artistic, Creative, Inspired - Ms. Gypsy Soul's Tiny House Is Just Downright Gorgeous," and really must be seen.

Ms. Gypsy Soul's Tiny house is a great example of a tiny house that when you look inside takes your breath away. She set out to build a tiny house to pursue a simpler life, and with the help of HGTV's "Tiny House, Big Living," she built a home that exceeded anything she could of dreamed. This tiny house is beautiful in every way, from the huge window that are framed opposite the living room, to the little office nook that links into a screened porch on one end of the tiny house, to the hidden galley kitchen, it is definitely one to remember. The tiny house makes good use of wood on both the exterior walls, and interior flooring. Outside corrugated metal is used as siding, and inside the kitchen has a modern feel with its appliances and beautiful tiling, a fold down desk saves on space, in this tiny space that feels anything but small.

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