Could you Live in this 207 SqFt Tiny House?

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For so many people when they think about a home they envision living in a big house. With the tiny home movement, you are considering the possibility of living in a tiny one. Here is the thing are a family of four. Shouldn't that means that you are going to need more rooms, not less?... but a tiny house will mean you really are looking at a tiny tiny place with pretty much one main room. You canít imagine it, I know. You canít see it because you feel like the space is going to be too small. But how is it that this family of four, living in a tiny house, has survived? Living in it is not bad at all. It actually has many benefits that would strengthen you and your family. One of the many benefits of living in a small house is the energy efficiency.

A house with lesser rooms does not require a large amount of energy to provide heat and electricity, thus, making it also less expensive. For those who are a little tiny bit lazy (a little tiny bit like me*winks*), this house is for you too. If you don't like scrubbing too many floors and cleaning too many windows, the benefits of tiny house living may outweigh the obstacles. One of the main benefits of living in a tiny home is that it increases bonding time within the family. In a small house, you learn to share and enjoy having a great time with your children. This could be a big factor to strengthen family ties. You will be able to see each other all the time, unlike living in a big house where you barely see each other as the family all disperses to rooms with video games, televisions and computers. A tiny home has its own set of challenges but if you are looking for a complete lifestyle change you , like these folks may see it as a viable option. So, for those who are still deciding on whether to settle in a big or small home, have you made up your mind?

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Please support us by clicking here, and we will give you a free subscription to our Country Living magazine, thank you!!!

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