Create Barnwood Style Wood in Minutes

Love the look of old barn wood, but can't seem to get your hands on any? You're in luck because this is a great tutorial from Hometalk teaching us some awesome diy ideas for creating some rustic looking wood. Thanks to Sonia Miller of Sonia's Shabby Shop, you can learn how to make any piece of wood look old so you can make all of those shabby chic do it yourself home projects you've wanted to make. Barn wood has become quite a popular item in home design. People are using it for a variety of do it yourself home projects including for floors, wall treatments, furniture and accessories too. You can make a bunch of different things from barn wood, but first, you have to get your hands on some and the thing is, its not only hard to find in some areas, but it can cost you a lot of money too. Now that people are catching onto the trend, those tearing down old barns on their land are charging for the wood so they can make a little extra cash. So if you happen to have some old wood on your land, consider yourself lucky and put it to good use.

If you don't have any and don't want to pay for it either, just diy it with these diy ideas. It's actually pretty simple to do, and you don't need too many supplies either. Old weathered barn wood typically comes in two colours or tones. There's the grey shade which has layers of grey and white, or there's the brownish shade, which has layers of reds, browns and blacks. When the wood is grey it means that the wood came from the outside of the building and it's grey because it had been exposed to the sun, wind and rain which provides that natural, weathered look. The brown wood will be from the inside of the building, protected from the sun and elements, so it doesn't get bleached out like the wood on the outside of the building. There's also the red barn wood, which has been painted red and then has faded and chipped over time. So really, the colours you're seeing are all a product of the artwork of nature. Pretty cool right? Do you have a favourite barn wood shade? The grey barn wood can look great with greens, blues and whites for a farmhouse look. But it also looks great with yellows and oranges. The brown wood looks good with earthy colours and other brown woods. It just depends on your personal style.

So how do you make your own weathered looking wood? All you need is some special paint, which Sonia actually sells on her website. She formulated the paint to get the job done right. She says to choose 3 shades of paint a light, a medium, and a dark paint, in the colour pallet of your choosing. So if you want the grey look, you'll probably want to use white, grey and black paint. The most important thing is first laying down a good quality paint which is when she uses her formula called Junk Monkey Paint. The best part is, you don't have to prime, sand or strip the wood. The paint sticks to everything, and then the other colours you layer on top will stick to it. So once you have your base colour on, just layer on some other paints. You can use just some simple matte acrylic craft paints for this part. You'll also want to use a shabby chic brush for these diy ideas. Have some fun and play around with it until you achieve the look you want.***

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