Grand 4200 Sqft Rustic Log Cabin Est. Mortgage of only $1,832 per Month!

During peoples searches for their next dream home, the Grey Beard Realty website has become a big hit... and for good reason. They feature all sorts of beautiful log cabins and mountain homes that people are looking for, just like this grand 4 200 sq ft. Rustic log cabin with an estimated mortgage of only $1, 832 per month.

Instead of continuing to rent, it makes sense to invest in a house and to eventually own the property with those monthly bills. Essentially while renting, you're paying off someone else's mortgage. If you're someone who lives in the city and wants a more relaxed atmosphere, or maybe you just want a cottage retreat, you need to checkout this listing.

It boasts four bedrooms, so there's plenty of space for a big family, or one that is still expanding. The wood it's constructed with is a beautiful cypress and it's built in an Alpine mountain where there's plenty of wilderness at every corner. There's a porch that wraps almost the entire way around the house, and beautiful long range vista where you can see the towering mountain range from your window. There's also a workshop for the craftsman of the house to have some fun, among other awesome amenities, including a bonus room with a view and space for storage. There're three bathrooms, over 4 000 square feet, and over 1.5 acres in total. On the acreage, there's plenty of established perennial flowers that will be sure to make the avid gardener in you happy, with daffodils, lilies, and tulips to name a few.

The property is currently listed to sell as is, but it's a quite the bargain considering all it has to offer. Go click the link below which will direct you to the "Grey Beard Realty" website to learn more.

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