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A log house is a timeless classic, and if you're thinking of building one, you may want to learn about the Amish Cabin Company. You can purchase log house and cabin kits directly from their website to build yourself or have one built for you. Log home building is a very popular method of building homes and has been for centuries. The Swedish and Scandinavian people brought their log home building techniques with them when they immigrated from their homeland to America. They began to teach other European immigrants how to build these strong, durable structures so that the people could thrive in their newly created colonies. Over the years, people have used the same log home building techniques, and companies like Amish Cabin Company wants to share that with others through their traditional log house designs. The company deals with an Amish firm who creates log home building packages as well as turnkey homes built by complete Amish construction crews. They offer over 40 log house designs for clients to choose from, each of them a little different from the next.

They types of wood they use are eastern white pine, northern white cedar, douglas fir, red cedar, and cypress which are some of the best types of wood to use for this type of project. All of these woods will be easy to work with and will stand up to years of wear and tear. Their do it yourself log home, and cabin kits are for the DIYers, and they are budget friendly. All you need to do is choose the size of log house or cabin and the style and specify any features you would like added on, and the crew will create your personalised kit for you and ship it off to your land. Once on your land, you'll be ready to build it. All of the kits are assembled with screws which make the build strong and sturdy. The customer is responsible for having the foundation ready when their building kit arrives as well as the forklift to unload the materials when they're delivered.

Included in the kit, the customer will find insulated energy star rated windows, metal roofing in the colour of choice, handcrafted solid pine exterior doors, exterior stain in the customer's colour choice, pine flooring, pine ceiling, the materials for 1 loft, and more. They will also include extra items for an additional cost such as bathroom cabinets and solar power options. Their log house designs are designed and built by Amish crews on an Amish farm in Kentucky. They use traditional Amish craftsmanship in their off grid workshop. These craftsmen are very talented at what they do, and you'll be sure to get one of the very best quality log houses or cabins if you choose this company. The logs used in the building kits will most likely come from sustainable tree plantations which must adhere to strict methods of operation which helps to keep ancient forests thriving. If you're interested in building a log home building kit yourself, you may want to start out with a smaller home or cabin first and then work your way up from there. Even though these kits are generally pretty easy to assemble, they do require a lot of work, so it's good to ease yourself into it. Choosing a smaller floor plan will also help you to keep building costs low, so you can afford to furnish and finish it nicely. Enjoy having a look at all of the beautiful log house designs on the Amish Cabin Company website and see which ones you like the most.***

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