If You're Planning to Live in 500 Sq. Ft. Or Less, This Should Be Your New Home

Aww, ainít this the sweetest? At a mere 435 square feet, this tiny eco house is located in Portland, Oregon, where they know how to do tiny homes right. If you are a big fan of tiny houses, then do read on, because this adorable little abode, dubbed ďThe Pocket HouseĒ is well worth your exploration time! Whatís more, you can rent it out for a day, weekend, or month if it really suits your fancy.

A brand spanking new little house, The Pocket House was designed by Wendy Turner and Jason Swift of Swift Architecture in 2010. Itís a compact structure where all of the down-home practicality of the Pacific Northwest is ingeniously intertwined with lovely Scandinavian accents. If youíre biting the bullet and going tiny, then this little house could be just what youíre looking for. If youíve gotta live in five hundred square feet or less, then The Pocket House is the space for you. You can either go straight-out to Swift Architecture and get them to build one like it, or you can rent this little home for a day or two, just try it out!

You can find The Pocket House on Williams Avenue, not far from Portlandís hip and historic Mississippi Neighbourhood. Not only does it have one bedroom with a full-sized queen bed and a fully equipped kitchenette, it also has a cute little sleeping loft and a private patio with a sweet little green space outside. And yep, thereís a sweet little bathroom too, complete with a shower! Need room for one more? Then the couch opens up into a sleeper bed in the main living area. At the Pocket House, you will find lots of windows to let in the natural light and, as we mentioned early, entirely eco-based architecture. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for one thing, the insulation is soy-based, so it is totally natural and hypo-allergenic. The materials used to construct the tiny house have all been recycled; for example, those gorgeous Douglas fir floors? They were salvaged from an old grain elevator in Central Oregon. The concrete? Itís been lovingly repurposed from an old carport! Neat, huh?!

What else can we tell you? Well, the windows are all south and east-facing which means the interior receives the maximum exposure of light, all day long Ė very important for a Pacific Northwest home! Theyíve painted it with very eco-friendly paint, with the barest minimum of VOC (volatile organic compounds) content, and even the toilet is a dual flusher, conserving water with every flush.

And thereís more! The home was constructed by a very local contractor Ė actually the next door neighbour! It includes native landscaping and no chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used on the grass or in the garden. Everything is clean and green and as healthy as can be. Come on over for a visit if you would like to check it out.

George and Nina are the proud owners of The Pocket House and they would love to meet you one day soon. This sweet little house is the result of a dream they both shared since time immemorial. They canít believe it finally came to fruition, and now that itís here they want to share it with you. Theyíll do everything to make your visit comfortable, including leaving you alone! Your complete privacy is of the utmost importance to them, so do just tell them what your needs are. Complimentary fresh-ground local coffee and milk are also included - and trust us west-coasters; no one knows coffee better than Portland!

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