Is It a House, or a Boat? Either Way, It's Super Fun!

This tiny house is the "Most Fun Floating Tiny House Ever!" Could you imagine having a tiny floating house like this as a kid? You could easily spend your whole summer on a tiny home like this, it's the ultimate summer vacation tiny house floating home.This tiny floating house is really is the coolest thing ever. With three level of space to enjoy, from the main level tiny house where you can change into your swimsuit or spend some time reading or hanging out on one of the benches inside. Then you have the outdoor wrap around patio on the main level, then you move up a level to the upper deck where you can hang out with friends and family, and then up above to another level where you have an upper level hammock. How cool is that! There is a boat motor attached to the back of this tiny floating home, and it looks like this family travel around in this tiny floating home quite a bit.

This tiny floating home is just one of the unique tiny homes you will find on the site, there are plenty of other cool tiny homes to see. Some of the interesting and unique tiny homes you will see include Adventurers DIY Vanderlost Sprinter Van, century old school house Now 500 square foot tiny cottage, micro condo loft at hills two one in Singapore, charming Little Blue Cottage, college students build $489 tiny house, Lobster Pod Tiny House, Lobster Pod Tiny House, tiny kitchen storage, top 5 tips on how to organize your small space fast, amazing treehouse micro cabin you can actually live in, transforming furniture a workbed flips from desk to bed, shipping containers used to build a houseboat, 1953 25′ Spartan manor travel trailer for $6000 needs TLC, 484 square foot modern tiny cabin inspired by birds and UFOs, 484 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny Cabin Inspired by Birds and UFOs, Ledo bunk beds for tiny houses murphy bed style and lots more.

If you've ever wondered about tiny house living, you may be surprised to find out how many types of tiny house designs, styles and plans that are out there. With names like teardrop campers, tiny house sheds, tree houses, car campers, van dwellings, gypsy vardo caravans, backyard offices, small houses, tiny apartments, cottages, park models, house boats, yurts, house boats, cob cottages, dome homes, tiny living, tiny houses, tiny cabins, tiny house interiors, house trucks, buses, RVs, travel trailers, cargo trailers, no loft tiny houses, tiny house vacations, gingerbread cottages, houseboats, pod homes, beach shacks, gingerbread cottages, beach shacks, pod homes, prefabricated tiny homes, log cabins and more, you've probably even stayed in a tiny house at some point in your life.

Tiny houses aren't just for living in full time, they serve a variety of needs and purposes. You may consider a tiny house design for use as a guest house, for when company comes over and you want them to have a place to stay that is separate from the house. Or maybe you'd like a tiny house to use as your backyard artist studio or writers cabin, away from all the noise of your busy house, a place to be inspired by and to get your work and creative things done. You can also use a tiny house for a vacation home, located on your ocean view piece of property. Or you can always build a tiny house floating home to spend your summer holidays in, hanging out at the lake with family and friends. The options are endless.

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