Peek Inside This Cheerful 260-Square-Foot Home

Do you love tiny houses? You are sure to love this one, and you can Peek Inside This Cheerful 260-Square-Foot Home! This adorable little home is located in Northern California, close to a dairy farm; you can't get any more country quaint than that! The sweet abode was designed by Richardson Architects, for a small family and they even used wear resistant and non corrosive materials in making it. Even families are looking to move into smaller homes, so that they can actually have quality time with their families instead of spending all of their time working to pay off a large home.

What a beautiful and cheerful tiny home it is. The white washed paint on the exterior looks so fresh and clean, and bright. The way they did the reddish trim, just gives the home a little colour but not too much. The deck that wraps halfway around the house, is the perfect place to hang out, there is even a huge chalk board for the kids to draw on! How fun! When you see inside, you might find it hard to believe that this house is really 260 square feet. It really looks a lot bigger than that!

The bedroom is really large, and same with the kitchen, I wish they have more photos of the interior, but judging from the size of the room, it looks like it was really well planned out. The colours are gorgeous and cheery throughout too. With yellows, blues, reds and white throughout, it feels like such a lovely environment for kids and adults alike, fun and playful, but still very stylish and mature. The table with the lemonade on it on the patio of the house, is totally what you would picture doing on the beautiful deck of the home! This home is a must see, head over to 'Country Living' for more on this cheerful 260 square foot home, by clicking on the link in the description below!

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