See How a Tiny Log Cabin Can Be a Shortcut to Fulfilling a Big Dream

Most people only ever dream of owning a log cabin but never turn that dream into their reality. One of the reasons for this may be the cost of building or buying a traditional log home. The average log home is priced at around $200 to $300 per square foot. That means a small 1,000 square foot log cabin (which is less than half the size of an average home), will cost a minimum of $200,000 - $300,000, depending on materials consumed. With this expense, it is no wonder people opt for alternative housing solutions. But what if you could get that log home you’ve always dreamed of in a scaled-down version? This Tiny Log Cabin with Screened in Porch is a version of someone’s childhood dream, and they are in love with it!

Jon Giswold from Wisconsin always dreamed of owning a log cabin on a lake. Unlike many others, Giswold decided not just to dream, but to actually do something about it. He first purchased a completely undeveloped piece of land on the lake on which he was raised, and then he purchased a log cabin kit from Jeff Cline, owner of Amish log home manufacturing company Cabins To Go. Giswold’s cabin was manufactured and then delivered on a flatbed truck to his designated site. Giswold built a porch, which adds another 8 feet to the front of his log cabin, and then screened it in, giving it a cozy feeling and adding additional “indoor” space to his home. But why was all of this so easy for Giswold to achieve? The reason might just be the fact that Giswold purchased a 12 x 20 (or 240 square foot) tiny log home for only $18,000 (plus the additional costs of developing his land, installing a well and septic system, wiring for electricity, etc.). Giswold had a dream, but “down-sized” it to make sure he was able to own a log cabin, just like he always dreamed of.

Tiny homes (houses under 400 square feet) are becoming increasingly popular in an era of overly large and expensive family homes. While the average house size in the United States is over 2,600 square feet, the small and tiny homes movement, which is both a social and an architectural movement, promotes living simply in smaller spaces. That is exactly what Giswold has achieved with his tiny log cabin. As with most small homes, an emphasis is placed on design and quality over quantity (size). Giswold’s tiny log cabin has many excellent design features, such as an all-in-one fridge, stove, and sink unit for his kitchen space as well as a comfortable loft in which he has made his sleeping arrangements, leaving the rest of his log cabin open for a full bath and living space. And if Giswold ever decides he needs a larger space, that’s one of the best parts about building on his own land – he can always add on easily and inexpensively to create a larger log home. Similarly, the screened in porch at the front of his log home could be glazed and turned into a sun room that he could comfortably utilize year-round.

Giswold stated, “What I learned in this process is that if you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. I have this now for my future and for my soul.” You, too, could make your dream log home happen if you want it bad enough. By following Giswold’s example and down-sizing your dream log home plans, you can have a little slice of log home heaven, for just a fraction of the cost. Now tell me that doesn’t sound attractive!

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