See How Easily You Can Build a 12 by 20 Foot Shack for $2,200

Many people think about building their own shed in their backyard, or building a small cabin or a tiny home, but the building process can feel a little daunting. Here is a great tutorial on how to Build a 12 by 20 foot (3.6 by 6 meter) shack. The Small Spaces Addiction website shared this great tutorial from the Instructables website, where people can share their awesome how-to information. The user coolbeansbaby68 shares his 15 step process on how he built his small backyard shack with the help of his dad. He said that in the past he bought a cabin like this for $2000 from a nearby cabin and shed builder, and now the prices have doubled since then and the same shed he bought six years ago for $2000 is now $4000 or more. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and build it himself.

The materials including all of the lumber, hardware, door and windows cost him $2,200. So he did save himself some money for sure. And now you can too by using the informative step by step process he has outlined with photos and diagrams to build your very own small house or cabin. The absolute best way to learn is from someone who has built a small cabin before and from photos. It makes it way easier to see exactly how to assemble all of the pieces, as well as the proper lengths that you will need, and the quantity of wood that will be needed for the small building project. The process seems fairly easy to built; it is all of the preparation that takes time to measure out all of the sizes of wood and make the proper cuts.

First, the small cabin starts with the floor frame and then the frame of the walls starts to be built. The posts have to be dug into the ground first to provide stability for the structure. He shows in the Instructable exactly how to measure the angles to make the cuts for the notches in the wood for the roof rafters. The rafters then need purlins to be attached to them. The purlins are pieces of wood that will run horizontally to the rafters and they are what the metal roof is then screwed into. The purlins provide support to the roof. They also show the metal roof installed and then show how they added a porch to extend the length onto the tiny shack. The floor then gets finished with the insulated floor wood. The full set of directions is available through the link after all of the photos that are provided on Small Spaces Addiction.

Small Spaces Addiction features tons of great small houses, tiny houses o wheels, DIY projects like this small shack build and more. It's a great website to peruse to find some tiny house inspiration if you are thinking of building a tiny house. Even if you are not thinking of buying a tiny house, it is still fun to look at their many interesting posts. These kinds of websites are assisting in this DIY movement we are seeing more and more. People are seeing that they are fully capable of taking power and creating their own homes, and they can tackle pretty much any project in their home without having to call a professional. This is helping to empower people because we all know how good it feels to do a job all by yourself. And usually, all it takes is to google search and you can find a great DIY project like this tiny shack building project. So be sure that you have a look at the project, and maybe save it for the future and share it with your friends!

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