Single Mother Builds Tiny House to Create Retirement Plan

When life doesn't quite go the way you thought it would, sometimes you just have to get creative. That's what Michelle Boyle did when she decided to build her tiny house on wheels. After being through two divorces and losing everything in the process, Michelle wasn't left with much. Then, with her kids going off to college, and her entering into retirement without a plan, she decided to take control of her life and make the best of things by creating a home that was all her own that no one could take from her. She didn't have a lot of money to put into building her tiny house, so she got sponsorships and put whatever cash she did have, toward her build. Michelle did most of the building herself, with the help of some contractors and she was able to park the tiny house and do all of the building in the driveway of her rental. She's even going to be building a couple of other tiny houses to rent out on Airbnb and VRBO to travellers and other tiny house enthusiasts to make a bit of extra money which is a great idea.

Her tiny house design measures 8 feet by 24 feet, and she has two loft spaces in the home. She went with a great modern nostalgia theme, and her favourite area of the home is the kitchen area. Michelle collected all retro appliances, and it took her two years to find the perfect ones for her space, but it was well worth it because they look great in her kitchen. She went with a modern farmhouse style sink and a nice tiled background that she put so much work into creating. The kitchen area is a bit larger since Michelle really loves having a bigger kitchen space. She also made sure to use real furniture instead of the wooden boxes with cushions on them which makes for a much more comfortable space that feels more like a real home. She had two chairs custom made with storage in them, and there's also an ottoman and a table that goes in between the two chairs to use for working or dining. Across from the chairs is a large wooden credenza with her TV and lots of storage inside. Further back is the bathroom which has a Nature's Head composting toilet, a custom-made tiny sink that was hand carved from beautiful wood, and a shower that a little froggy friend likes to hang out in often.

Leading into the bathroom, she has stacked washer and drier units for doing her laundry and her closet space where she stores all of her clothes including 40 or more pairs of shoes. Michelle didn't mind downsizing in other areas, but her closet wasn't one of them. She loves her clothes and shoes, so it was a priority for her to have space for them all.

Which is great inspiration for anyone out there who has a large wardrobe and doesn't think they could live in a tiny house. You simply prioritize and make room for what's most important to you, and it's your design, so you have the final say at the end of the day. Above the living room and bathroom is her bedroom loft which she left a bit of extra head room in and built a storage staircase leading up to the steps which houses her cat's litter box and other items. Above the kitchen is another loft area which is used as a guest bedroom. Michelle's tiny house design and Michelle herself are both very inspiring, and it shows that you can really do anything to create the life you want.***

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