The Top 10 Log Cabins #4 Possibly Perfect

Built by Sitka Log Homes, these possibly perfect log cabins can be found in both Rasen, Italy and Whistler, B.C. Canada. The cozy comfort of these small log cabins make for the perfect getaway, or home. Glowing with soft light from it's spacious windows and the warm yellows of the Douglas Fir, the space is inviting and peaceful. An open curving staircase leads to a lovely sitting area and the viewing deck beyond. Two bedrooms complete the upper floor. On the main floor there are two bathrooms. One with a tub and one with a shower. The very functional kitchen allows for home cooked meals. Complete with a dinning area and sitting area there is plenty of space to stretch out and relax. To keep winter's cold at bay, the 21'6" x 24'6" floor plan is kept comfortable and cozy all year with help from a wood burning stove. Durable and easy to clean tiles cover the floors and concrete patios draw guests to enjoy the outdoors.

Whether staying at one of these log cabins or wishing to make it your own, you will be treated to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Wanting to build one of your own? The staff at Sitka Log Homes will work with you to provide premium results with complete satisfaction from beginning to end. They will help you make the space uniquely yours and design and create it to meet your needs. 3D renderings and a virtual walk through will help take your ideas from the abstract to the concrete. It allows you, the owner to see what your home will look and feel like before any work begins!

They are committed to helping you achieve the perfect combination in a cost effective, beautiful log home. Excellent customer service, professionalism, and quality craftsmanship make this log cabin quite possibly, perfect. For further details visit their website, 'Sitka Log Homes' or follow the link below.

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