This Mobile Home Is on the Market for $1.2 Million EDITORS NOTES

For many of us, real estate in a place like the Hamptons can be seen as an expensive foray into the world of high class living. Living in a place like the Hamptons can be one of the most expensive places to live in the US alone. This article however, shows that even a 700 square foot mobile home can fetch up to 1.2 million USD, just for being in the Hamptons. Sitting near Indian Wells Beach, this mobile home calls for such a handsome price for its location alone, in a place like the Hamptons, real estate is all about location rather than personal estates fixtures. Looking at the photos, the trailer isnt the feature. The location may seem fantastic, but is it really worth 1.2 million USD? Only a mile away from the trailer, an estate sold for 4 million USD, and to make things better, the location sits only quarter mile from the estate of Jerry Seinfeld himself. ( When it comes down to it, the trailer seems to be just a bonus to a place like this. The estate itself comes with over a third of an acre. With enough resources and time, anyone could create their dream mansion in a place like this, sitting next to a place like Indian Wells Beach. Question is, is the 1.2 Million worth it for the land alone? The mobile home itself has one bedroom and one bathroom only, and as unbelievable as that sounds, its no joke. Although next to Indian Wells Beach, the location happens to be located on a private flag lot, with over a third of an acre of land in place like the Hamptons. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense, but with a crazy asking price like this, it makes you wonder what some are willing to pay to be a part of the rich and fabulous neighborhood like the Hamptons.

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