This Small Ranch Has the Warmest, Most Comfortable Interior

When you first come upon this small wood cabin, you immediately notice the rustic hewn log siding and the sprawling acres of pasture. This single-story log cabin design is located in Southwest Virginia, and it checks off all the boxes. The log cabin design is a rustic retreat on acres of private land. The wood cabin has two bedrooms and one bathroom, with over 960 square feet of space. The wood cabin sits on just under 90 acres of beautiful wilderness, where you will find horse trails through woodlands that feature deer, turkey, and the occasional black bear. The generous cabin building floor plan hosts a large open living space that is rugged yet comfortable. The wood cabin features nice hardwood floors throughout. You are sure to be inspired by the comfy sofas that sit around a warming gas fire. You will want to take a closer look at this log cabin design.

The use of wood paneling on the walls and ceiling in this wood cabin make this a cozy space in the evening. The other side of the main room has an ample-sized kitchen and a spacious dining area. The kitchen in this log cabin design offers plenty of counter space to prepare a meal. The hallway leads to the bedrooms. The wood cabin has two bedrooms which offer plenty of space in the large floor plan. The master bedroom in this log cabin design has a wrought-iron bed, while the second bedroom easily houses two guests. The bathroom is nice space. The ever-present wood finish throughout the wood cabin has the mark of quality craftsmanship. Back outside, the wide outdoor porch is the perfect space to sit and relax. The outdoor porch has some seating options, whatever your mood. The outdoor porch overlooks a spring-fed pond. The wood cabin sits atop a hill, giving the front outdoor porch the best seat in the house. The rustic wood cabin also includes a barn.

Wood is always a popular choice in all sorts of home designs, wood cabins and log cabin designs. Wood is popular for several reasons, one of which is that wood is a relatively lightweight building material, that outperforms even steel when it comes to self-support length. Wood can support its own weight better, which allows for larger spaces and fewer necessary building supports in some building designs. Wood is a popular choice in wood cabins for its electrical and heat resistance. This is because wood has a natural resistance to electrical conduction when it is dried to standard moisture content levels, which are usually between seven to twelve percent for most wood species. The strength and the dimensions of wood are also not significantly affected by heat, and wood provides stability to the finished building and even safety implications for certain fire situations. Wood is also known for its sound absorption.

The acoustic properties of wood make it ideal for minimizing echo in living or office spaces. Wood helps to absorb sound, rather than reflecting or amplifying the sound and can help significantly with reducing noise levels for additional comfort. Wood is also aesthetically pleasing, with the wide variety of wood species available, wood offers an incredible range of aesthetic options, along with providing varied mechanical, acoustic, and its thermal properties along with others that can be selected based on the need of the wood cabin building project. You will find this rustic wood cabin on the Rustic Homes site. On the site, you will find log cabin designs, wood cabins, cabin buildings and so much more. On the Rustic Homes site you will find plenty of wood cabin and wooden home design inspiration. **

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