Though It Looks Expensive, This Log Home Was Designed to Cut Costs (Click for Floor Plan)

The Oak Ridge log home floor plan is part of the Tradesman Series log home floor plans on the Coventry Log Homes site. The Oak Ridge log home floor plan has three bedrooms, two bathrooms with a loft that overlooks the spacious downstairs living area. This log home has a beautiful stepped window design that lets in lots of natural light during the day. The covered outdoor porch is a great place for shade on sunny days. This log home is available in different options from a logs only package, a shell only or complete packages. Prices start at $43,750 to $92,400. This log home floor plan is 1,612 square feet on two floors. The Oak Ridge log home floor plan has an open living room/kitchen/dining room, two bedrooms, and a full sized bathroom on the main floor. There is also a covered deck, covered porch and cathedral ceiling on the main floor. Upstairs there is a master bedroom with bathroom and a loft area that opens to the space below. On the site, you can see this log home floor plan built by different owners, with a variety of log home details, from kitchen islands covered in stone, stone fireplaces, and different log home furnishings and decor.

Coventry Log Homes is an energy efficient choice. They produce a full line of energy efficient log homes in one of the most affordable log home packages available. Coventry log home packages meet all of the current energy codes and energy star requirements. Log homes are a great way to save on utility bills as they are known to stay warm in the winter and to keep cooler in the warmer, summer months. When it comes to log cabins and log homes, there are a wide variety of styles, designs, sizes and plans. You will hear about all sorts of log homes from handcrafted log homes to milled log homes and hewn log homes. Handcrafted log homes are the type of log home that is typically made from logs that have been hand peeled and look similar to how they looked as trees. Whereas milled log homes, are made from logs that are

There is a wide variety of log home types from handcrafted log homes and log cabins to milled log homes, to hewn logs used in log homes. Handcrafted log homes are typically made from logs that have been hand peeled looking pretty much unchanged from what they looked like as trees. Milled log homes are made from logs that are run through a manufacturing process that makes the logs the same size and appearance. Hewn logs are hewn by an axe to form an oval, rectangular or octagonal shaped log. You may also hear about sawn logs, which means that the logs are sawn to be a standard width, but still using the logs original height.

Handcrafted log cabins and log homes have been built for centuries in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Russia where coniferous trees grown abundantly. Handcrafted homes were typically built using only an axe and knife. It was the Scandinavian settlers of New Sweden that brought the craft of handcrafted log homes to North America in the early 18th century, where it was quickly adopted by other colonists, along with the Native Americans. Centuries later log homes and log cabins are still one of the most popular types of homes in the world, with a wide variety of styles and designs, from rustic, modern and contemporary, and some with a combination of both. Log homes have proven through the years to be a durable and comfortable type of home.

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