Today's Top 10 Log Homes #4, The Elkmont Log Home has a Great Floor Plan Inside!

There are so many amazing designs when it comes to building homes, some, like this one make you say, ‘Wow’! Check out this Western Style Log Cabin with MUST See Interior! Both the interior and the exterior of any home are equally important. When people focus a lot of attention on the exterior of the home, sometimes the interior can be lacking in quality and presence, leaving the inside of the home feel cold and empty. This can happen in larger log homes like this one if the interior isn’t planned out well. But as you can see from the photos, a lot of planning and attention to detail went into the interior of this beautiful log cabin.

One of the most striking features that really makes an impact, is the wooden log beams that are left exposed around the front entrance, and then the beautifully shaped and spaced windows are also framed with this lovely wood of the same tone. The gorgeous look of the natural logs against the stark white walls, is the perfect juxtaposition and makes for a lovely entrance room. The other rooms in this amazing log home are just as impressive, the great room or living room, is outfitted with an amazing stone built fireplace with the chimney that extends up to the ceiling, all done in gorgeous natural stone, which really suits a log home very well and creates to continuous flow of the natural elements being used in the log home’s beautiful decor.

The kitchen is also something to be admired, with the dark granite counter tops and the matching wood cabinetry, it would be an excellent place to cook, and entertain, with the bar being right there with seating for your guests. There is also a very impressive wine cellar with a table in it, for tasting the wine and for reading up more about it. This is a very generous wine cellar and they spared nothing to make it’s design flow with the rest of the home. There is even a piece of art and the glass table to sit at, as well as some lovely slate tile flooring. Just gorgeous!

Even the bathrooms are totally decked out to the nines, with a lovely marble tiled floor, which I wouldn't doubt is heated, as well as a corner set Jacuzzi bath tub that could fit two into it. There is plenty of counter space and lots of storage space too, again, all of the decor flows beautifully with the rest of the home. The bedrooms in this gallery are also really nicely decorated, and very rich with gold, red and green tones, that pick up on the natural feel the dwellers probably wanted for the log home to feel continuous with the style of home they chose to build. The long window bench seating with storage right under a very nice sized window is such a lovely feature to have in a bedroom. It would be the perfect place to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. When styling a larger log home, such as this one, you can see that it is so important that the style of the logs are incorporated into the design. What a gorgeous home to have a peek inside for inspiration!

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