Top 10 Log Cabins #3 - Deluxe Log Cabin

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Log cabins are ideal for vacationers. They provide the coziness and the peace of mind that you need for your family when you're out of town and in need of a shelter to stay in. Instead of sleeping inside a nylon tent, renting a log cabins is so much more comfortable and can guarantee your safety when you’re away from home. Should you be looking for the best cabins to stay in Canada, Alpine Village in Jasper, Alberta is a spot that you must check out as their facilities and amenities will blow your mind.

Feel free to choose from the many deluxe log cabins that they have for you and your family. They have gained quite a good reputation with their business in this location and they happen to have many patrons coming from different parts of the country. Their rates are reasonable to accommodate an entire family. Inside it you will find a double bed located in the first level’s bedroom and a queen sized bed with a twin bed in the open loft.

Those are the kinds of bedrooms that you could expect if you rent their “Deluxe Family Cabin,” which also happens to be one of the top 10 log cabins that we are recommending for your quick getaway. It has a modern kitchen where you can cook and prepare meals for your family and a fireplace to keep everyone warm, especially in the winter. The bath area is totally comfortable, as it comes with a tub and a shower that can be found both in the first level and 2nd level of the cabin. You can have a BBQ outside too, as this cabin also provides a nice patio for this kind of gathering.

The Deluxe Family Cabin is also ideal for couples and newly weds. Read more about their packages and other rates on the website ‘Alpine Village’ below.

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