Top 3 Most Attractive Log Cabins

Awww… Isn’t this the cutest little home you’ve ever seen? Wooden houses just have a certain appeal to many people – including us! They are so natural-looking, they just naturally seem to evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort, not to mention a life of good health and well being.

The history of timber and log houses goes back a long way in North America, peaking around the late 19th century when large numbers of people were making their way Westward after the American Civil War. They are so simply made, yet so strong and sturdy, weathering many a storm, making us feel safe and secure inside. Their rock-solid architecture, both so beautiful and so efficient, has withstood all the tests of time.

These days, the interest in log homes grows once again as many architects seek to improve upon the original designs, creating original and inventive homes that give a sense of spaciousness while not actually taking up too much space. Take this lovely log house, for example. We really wish we could see some pictures of the inside, but if this photo of the exterior is any indication, it must have an absolutely gorgeous interior. The outside is nothing short of stunning!

Luxurious, sophisticated, and infinitely lovely to behold, this chalet-style house would look perfect just about anywhere, but particularly in a natural setting – in the forest, or at the lake or seaside, for example.

With two levels – a main floor and an attic/loft, there is ample space inside. The windows are picture perfect, and there’s a large balcony on the far side. Amazing! Whoever lives here is one very lucky person or family. Can we please come and visit?!

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